Getting Started at Trinity...

Whether you have recently visited one of our services or meetings for the first time, or you are perusing our website, or you have been coming to Trinity for awhile, we are so glad to have you! This page is set up to introduce ourselves to you a little better.


Our vision at Trinity is in “Doing Life Together W.E.L.L.”

Worship (individually & corporately)

Engage (others with the Word)

Live (transparency)

Love (others where they are)


Our unified purpose in all that we do is to win people to Christ, support believers in their journey of faith, and then equip them to serve God with the gifts and talents He provides. Hence, the TITUS Strategy!

T.each to Establish,

I.dentify for Purpose,

T.rain to Equip,

U.nleash for Ministry, the Fruit!

Purpose Statement:

We are a group of believers bonded together by a new birth in the Lord Jesus Christ. We come together “in spirit and truth”, individually and corporately, to worship God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, preserving the Word, empowered by the Holy Spirit to train, to equip, to build up each other, to demonstrate God’s love to those who are in need, and to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel in our homes, community, and world.

For a full statement of "what we believe" doctrinally as a church, please click here!